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How to Buy Pet Insurance

If your watching your expenses just as everyone else, you might be thinking of your pet’s health care costs and may be researching pet insurance.

Here is what you need to take into consideration:

Pet health insurance does not work like an HMO. Instead, pet health insurance, is an indemnity type of insurance. This means that you take your pet to the vet, you pay the vet then you fill out claim forms and get reimbursed for part of the bill after you have also paid for the deductible.

Most plans do not cover routine care, and if they do, it is also limited.

You also need to realize that none of the pet insurance companies will cover pre-existing conditions.

Be aware that although the are many similarities among companies, you will find that their policies has also many differences so read everything. Try to find the contract and read the fine print. There are some companies that list the entire policy on their website, so look for this page and read it.

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