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Is Cheap Pet Insurance Worth It?

Many people today are searching for cheap everything. We have to; after all life gets more expensive and salaries usually do not climb as fast so pet health insurance is something that many pet owners are interested in.

The problem is that usually, you get what you pay for, so cheap usually means poor quality or lesser quality. First let’s define what people think when they are looking for cheap pet insurance.

Many pet owners are looking for a fast and easy solution to the cost of pet health care, and when they think of their own health insurance where as a premium is paid usually by an employer and the health insurance company will cover the cost of most medical procedures minus of course the deductibles.

However, when it comes to pet insurance there is a difference. Pet health insurance is a type of indemnity insurance. This means that you pay your veterinarian, you file a claim, and then you are reimbursed for a portion of the fees. Normally, it does not cover routine care, vaccinations, teeth cleaning etc. For companies who do cover routing care, it usually comes at an extra cost.

So if you are looking for cheap pet insurance, you should weigh your priorities. Surely, cost is a big concern but you should look at the whole picture.

If you put money aside every paycheck for your regular routine pet check ups, you can still get pet insurance and save by not paying the premium for that type of care. Instead, you can get coverage for major illnesses, accidents or surgery which could save the life of your pet, but it could also set you back a few thousand dollars.

How to buy cheap pet insurance

1.    Search the Internet for quotes and read the fine print. Since the plans are so different from company to company, you really need to do your homework if you want to keep your costs down.
2.    Decide on what type of coverage such as deductible amounts and amount of co-insurance. In other words, don’t just look at the price of the premium. Compare the price of the premium versus what they cover (or what they DO NOT cover)
3.    After you narrow down your choices make your decision. Remember that most likely your premiums will go up every year as your pet gets older

Of all the companies we have reviewed, Embrace Pet Insurance has very flexible plans. They are also very upfront and clear as to what is covered and what is not. They do not offer coverage for routine care but many other conditions are covered.

Check it out for yourself at:


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