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Is There Pet Insurance for Rabbits?

Although most pet insurance companies only cover dogs or cats, VPI pet insurance has a program for “exotic” pets and this category includes rabbits.

I was surprised to see that a company will offer insurance for “non furried” companions as well as birds. Check out this list!:

* Amphibians

* Chameleons
* Chinchillas
* Geckos
* Gerbils
* Goats
* Guinea
* Hamsters
* Hedgehogs
* Iguanas
* Lizards
* Mice
* Opossums
* Potbellied pigs
* Rats
* Rabbits
* Snakes
* Extra large snakes
* Sugar gliders
* Tortoises
* Turtles

This coverage comes with a lot of strings attached. For instance the policy is not available online, and the coverage is very limited. Maybe it’s not worth it.

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