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Looking for Good Pet Insurance Reviews?

Many people who are thinking of purchasing pet insurance search the Internet for pet insurance reviews.

And perhaps the reviews that seem to be most important to people are the very opinions given by pet insurance consumers. Getting a first hand opinion from someone who has used a particular service is very helpful and in many cases, the ideal situation; it is as if you asked a friend or acquaintance, what was your experience with pet insurance so that I don’t make the same mistake?

This is all well and good in theory. In reality, the result is a bit different:

1. There isn’t a lot of first hand information on pet health insurance written by real customers.
2. People have a tendency to write about what they are not happy with. In other words, you will find more negative reviews than positive ones because it is human nature to want to complain when they are unsatisfied about something.
3. The pet insurance reviews you read might be old. While this is still valid, it is something to consider. Perhaps policies have changed, or the pet insurance company in question may have taken steps to fix problems.

Taking all of this into consideration, a first hand candid opinion of a pet insurance company written by either a satisfied or unsatisfied customer is the best review.

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an honest pet insurance review. Here is my suggestion:

In addition to all the searches you have done, get specific. For instance, you can enter search terms such as “pet insurance review” or “pet insurance comparison” or “compare pet insurance” or “pet health insurance opinions” or “pet insurance complaints”.

You should also get more specific. If you have a particular company in mind, such as “Pets First” then do a search for “pets first insurance review”. Your search engine will dig deeper for blogs that might not come up in the first search.

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  1. Tracy says

    Petsecure is one of the most dishonest, greedy and unethical companies I have ever done business with; the only company worse is Roger’s Cable TV. They are constantly changing their policies and your personal policy to make it easier for them to charge you more and for them to decline payment. Here are some of the things they don’t tell you:
    1. You are personally responsible for a portion of the cost, over and above the deductable;
    2. As you pet ages the deductable and you portion of the costs increases dramatically;
    3. The randomly add exclusions to your policy to ensure that they don’t payout on common ailments that are ‘supposedly’ covered by the plan;
    4. Their first response is to always decline payment, after which you have to fight and argue with them to honor the plan; and
    5. The consistently increase the cost of your plan (about every 6 months) and change the terms and conditions of their policies, so that you never have a clear idea of what your coverage is.

    Pet insurance is a good thing – if you can find and honest company with reasonable rates. Unfortunately, like the human insurance industry, the pet insurance industry is about profits, not about honest, fairness or ethics. The only company that I have come across that aren’t out to screw the consumer at all costs is Vet Insurance. Their rates are comparable, all of the conditions of their policy are clear and unhidden and they provide reliable service – they pay out without bullying or abusing the consumer.
    Do not get Petsecure Health Insurance – unless you are interested in and ready to get completely screwed. Go with Vet Insurance, they at least try to be fair and reasonable!

  2. Lesley Roberton says

    I completely agree with Tracy about PetSecure, especially point #5.
    When we lost our dog to bone cancer in September, we submitted just under $1300 worth of eligible receipts and received a payout of $151.05.

  3. Colleen says

    I had the AKC insurance for my pups for a couple years. Then it came time to utilize the plan for illness. We had the Wellness Plan, for dental cleaning and annual shots it was OK for reimbursement after the deductible. The customer service was pretty weak and the claim processing was disorganized at best. They would misplace the claims repeatedly. Then I needed to use the “illness” portion for one of my beloved pets — it was terrible — the entire AKC company from the employee who answers the phone, to the claim processor, to the actual “quality” of the policy. Much to my heartbreak the doctors could not save my precious boy. The AKC even denied euthanasia. Here I thought I had diagonostics, hospitalization, illness. The AKC has many areas that allow them not to pay the claims, they don’t cover arthritis, diabeties, heriditiary, genetic conditions. They have annual maximums and per incident maximum as well. I have cancelled with them and now with a reputable provider who does cover all of what I indicated the AKC does not for LESS money then I paid with the AKC Wellness Plan. From my experience I would never recommend the AKC insurance. For me the AKC coverage was a huge mistake. In the end when you need the insurance — clearly the AKC is not there as my experience was and I incurred thousands of dollars of expense not to mention the enourmous premium I paid to the AKC. Read all the fine print inclusive for the many exclusion. Many providers do not have the limitations the AKC does and anyone has to have better customer service and organization then they did. I am now with a wonderful provider — Embrace — so good insurance is available — you just need to be with a reputable provider and for me that absolutely is Embrace.

  4. insurance comparisons says

    It is smart to do the same search would you when research human health insurance. There are so many different variations, so you need to know what you are looking for. It is easier to do this research online, as it is easy and the best place to get all the information you need.

  5. says

    Forget Insurance set up a bank account to cover any costs you might incur on his behalf. Set a side a few euros/dollars per week and then should anything happen you’ll have money there to cover the costs. If nothing happens then you’re on the upside re money and a healthy happy dog. I wouldn’t waste my money on insurance IMO it’s a scam, and you, the owner is the loser in most cases.