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Pet Insurance, a New Year’s Resolution

A number of health related things can happen to your dog or cat at any time. If you don’t have a special health fund to cover those expenses, the cost of taking care of your pet might break your wallet.

In many cases, when pet owners cannot afford treatment for serious illnesses or accidents, the only humane solution is euthanasia.

One way of preparing for these kinds of incidents is pet health insurance.  A recent article by Steve Dale of the Anchorage Daily News states getting pet insurance as one of the new year pet resolutions. In fact he claims that “Pet insurance may be your best investment to protect your pet. ”

Did you know that even routine care is covered by some insurers? Whether pet insurance is a good investment is up to you to decide. Some pet parents who are getting into pet insurance, only do so for serious illnesses rather than yearly checkups but the fact that they are buying coverage will ensure them that they will have the means to pay for their pet’s care should something bad happen.

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  1. Kennedy says

    Awww, the picture of the dog is so cute! I actually do have pet insurance! I got it with Trupanion: I heard about it a couple months ago and I finally got around to getting my dog enrolled about two weeks ago! Definitely a new years resolution!