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Trupanion Dog Insurance Review

Trupanion pet insurance and Trupanion dog insurance provides coverage for accidents, illnesses as follows:

  • Hereditary disorders
  • Congenital disorders
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries
  • Medications
  • Chronic or recurring conditionsSome of the conditions they do not cover:
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Veterinary exam fees
  • Routine care
  • Spaying and or neutering
  • Dental health care (covers dental in case of accidents only)
  • Vaccination, heartworm medication
  • Parasite control including fleas

Apparently low rates but deductible is quite high. Average is $500. If you want a lower deductible, you can move the slider on their quote page to get a quote that is more comparable to other companies.

Waiting Periods
Accident coverage begins 5 days following the policy effective date and illness coverage begins 30 days following.

The limit is $20,000 worth of lifetime coverage for all diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if your pet becomes sick or injured, however the deductible is per incident while other companies charge a deductible per year

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If no claims have been filed during the policy period, you can cancel it during the first 30 days of coverage for a full refund of the premium

For more information visit theĀ Trupanion Website

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2 Responses

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  1. Jonathan says

    I transitioned from another company to Trupanion a few months ago. Boy what a mistake! I took my dog Jacob to the vet because he had large lumps forming under his skin on his chest and side. The vet decided to run tests which included aspirating the lumps and checking them under a microscope and doing blood work to see if everything was normal. Everything check out and Jacob is fine, thankfully. The vet suggested that I submit the $450 bill to Trupanion as I had coverage. The vet had just been pitched by Trupanion as to all of their “perks” and “benefits” to pet owners and he encouraged me to submit a claim. I did. Weeks went by and I kept getting automated emails indicating that the vet didn’t send records to Trupanion. I called the vet and in fact they’d sent Jacob’s records several times to Trupanion and they were getting the same automated messages asking for “medical records”. I contacted Trupanion for clarification and after several attempts to blame my vet for not sending information, they admitted the vet did send information but they’re looking for Jacob’s medical records from back when he was a puppy (he’s 9 btw). They wanted 9 years worth of vet records but apparently the vet and I are supposed to decode “medical records” as meaning his entire medical history from birth. The information from my former vet was sent and now we’re in limbo. Weeks have gone by and Trupanion continues to jerk us around. My vet is less than impressed. I’m less than impressed. The bottom line is they indicate that their claims process is painless and quick. IT’S NOT. Communication with them is unclear and fragmented. This is nothing like I thought I was switching to. I cannot recommend Trupanion at this point because it’s simply not what they say it is. They seem to be more concerned about wasting my time (and the vets) than actually processing the claim. I’m certain that they will pay the claim but regardless I’m switching to another insurance company and I’m sharing my story with everyone so they don’t make the same mistake I did and trust Trupanion.

  2. Carrie says

    I purchased Trupanion a year ago when our girl was about three months old, knowing the great advantage of enrolling her at a young age. Detuctable was about $200+ per incodent with a monthly premium of $28.00. We chose Trupanion based on the so called “no limit” and “your monthly premium will not increase as your pet ages or claims filed.” We were told there may be a slight possibility of a “minimal” increase if the vet costs in our area increase. About 11 months pass, no claims filed, Bella turns a year, and I get an email stating my monthly premium was going to be over $55.00 per month. Almost DOUBLED!!!! When I called to question this, I spoke with a “Supervisor” who stated the increase was due to the advances in pet healthcare and treatment. I had no idea there had been such advances in the last 11 months. Trupanion doesn’t cover basic/routine visits or procedures, charge extra for hip dysplasia (& only for a year), no spay/nueter, heartworm, preventative, etc… We chose them soley on the “Your premium will not increase” and actually expected it to over the years, a few dollars at a time. But to almost double the premium after only one year with no claims filed is a complete misrepresentation of their practices. I feel the actions are criminal and they misled a consumer for financial gain. I will pursue my complaint, but explained to the man that I would try my best to let everyone know how dishonest they are. I am again researching pet insurance options, unfortunately, I will not be able to get a low monthly premium based on a puppy’s age. Thanks Trupanion for being dishonest and lying to consumers for financial gain.